Construction Cleaning

Construction finally done?
It can leave behind unwanted dirt and dust that won’t help the sale of a home.

We understand project schedules, we work with you to meet deadlines, we are not done until you are 100% satisfied!

We offer 3 different levels of construction cleaning to meet your needs.

Rough Cleaning – This cleaning is ideal for when your project isn’t quite done but it needs a cleaning so you can finish the job

Final Cleaning – This will be for when your project is completely done and ready to be put on the market or for a new family to move in.

Touch-Up Cleaning – so you thought you were done but ended up getting some more work done and need us to touch up some things.

Window Cleaning

Our construction cleaning services include the interior of all accessible windows, as well as exteriors IF the windows can be accessed from inside.

Our rates start at $0.20/sq ft and windows are included. Call today to schedule.

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