Top Products We Use Everyday

When it comes to cleaning products, it can get overwhelming with so many choices out there. And elbow grease can only get you so far when it comes to getting your house clean. I like to find what works best for the best value, since we use in bulk. I’ve been cleaning houses for 5 years and I can honestly say I’ve tried nearly every cleaning product in my business and these are my favorite.

We highly recommend these products because we use them everyday. We may earn commission for endorsing these products.

1. Murphy’s Oil And Soap – We love this product for hardwood floors. It smells amazing and leaves hardwood surfaces shiny without any oily residue.

2. Mr. Clean Disinfectant – This one is a must have! While we are in a midst of a pandemic it has sometimes become difficult to find disinfectants at your local stores, especially those Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. All I do is buy in bulk and then put into spray bottles. We use this product everywhere – toilets, doors and handrails, baseboards and bathroom floors!

3. Easy- Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner – We will not take an oven cleaning job without having Easy Off! It’s literally magic, if you have a dirty oven, try this and witness for yourself.

4. Awesome Degreaser – I love this one because its cheap, you can usually find awesome at Dollar Tree and it does a spectacular job at cutting through grime and grease.

5. Tilex with Clorox – This one is a must for mold, mildew and soap scrum. It’s really powerful so all you need to do is spray the area and let it sit for about 15mins. When you come back you will already see a difference! Add some soap to a hard bristle brush and almost effortlessly all that nastiness disappears.

6. Orange Glo Furniture Polish – Orange Glow will leave your wood surfaces super shiny, it can be oily if too much is used so a little goes a long way. And it smells so good! *TIP: This stuff works wonders on stainless steel appliances.

7. Pumice Stones – These babies are awesome for getting those ugly water rings out of the toilet bowl.

8. Swiffer Dusters – Dusting isn’t dusting if you don’t use Swiffer. Every other brand of duster out there do not trap dust like Swiffer Dusters! *TIP: Get more than 1 use out of your dusters! Just wash them in the washing machine with a little soap on the delicate cycle and then let them air dry. They last about 3 washes, after that they start ripping and falling apart.

At Heavenly House Cleaning we use all these products daily and highly recommend them. If for any reason you would prefer that we use a different product in your home, we will gladly do so as long as you provide the requested products.

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